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Your health and safety are very important to us at The Halich Hotel Istanbul Karakoy. We apply social distance rules and highest level of hygiene measures. We ventilate hotel rooms with fresh air and disinfecting between check-out and check-in. Our hotel team is contionuously trained and audited.

  1. Highest Level of Hygiene Measures
  2. Contactless Measurement of Body Temperature
  3. Luggage Disinfection During Check-in
  4. Contactless Credit Card Payments
  5. Regular Disinfection with High Hygiene Standarts
  6. Room Disinfection Between Check-out and Check-in
  7. Complimentary Disinfection Stations in the Hotel
  8. Regular Trainings for Hotel Team
  9. Fresh Air Circulation, Regular Ventilation Control and Maintenance
  10. Regular Audit in Supply Chain and Purchasing Operations
  11. Social Distance Rules Applied